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Rent a Dress is Australia's first shared rental, dress hire platform. Starting in 2014, Rent a Dress realised that nobody was adressing the current day trend of buying an item, wearing it once and then neglecting it in our wardrobes. We also hated the way fashion could divide us. Not all of us are Kendall Jenner and can afford to buy whatever we want, whenever we want. Rent a Dress connects owner's and renters together, and is an Australia-wide platform of dress hire galore.

We have two options for our rentals. Those with the attitude, why buy when you can rent, then this option is for you. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a dress you are only going to wear once, save yourself around 80% of the RRP and rent the dress instead. Connect with thousands of owner's and dresses for hire via our website today. Browsing is simple, just use our advanced search bar to find your perfect dress for hire. 

However, if you can't stop your shopping addiction, don't fret. Become an owner today. Rent a Dress allows you to list your garments for rent on our website, and connects you to our thousands of customers. Why not earn your own living and become the new Uber driver of fashion? We have owner's who not only make back what they spent purchasing the dress, but more. What a great way to justify shopping! Through Rent a Dress we have hundreds of girls earning their own incomce through their favourite pass time, shopping! 

Who doesn’t love justifying shopping?

Rent a Dress is committed to providing girls with the largest dress rental/dress hire/rent a dress platform in the country. So why not list up your own wardrobe for rent or start browsing our hire pieces today.