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Rent a Dress started in winter 2014. We realised that we needed to address the current day trend of buying an item, wearing it once and then neglecting it in our wardrobe. It was time for us to stop wasting money and start loving our clothes. But who are we kidding, we love fashion and there are too many amazing styles out there we wanted to try. We couldn’t settle for just rewearing our items ourselves, but we couldn’t justify spending more and more on expensive designer labels. Just because we wore it once, doesn’t mean someone else can’t wear it, does it? Of course not! rent a dress not only allows girls to rent items for a fraction of the price, it also enables girls to hire out their own items through us and make back some of that well spent and hard earned cash.

Who doesn’t love justifying shopping?

Since 2014 rent a dress have become an Australian wide phenomenon that is unique in what we do. With over 3,000 items and 1,000 dress owners, we work hard towards keeping our Australian girls stylish and fashionable, without them having to spend all their money in the process.

We are committed towards providing girls with a unique, easy and efficient service. So enjoy! Love RAD. X