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When first contacting an owner, always state your name and the date you are hoping to rent the item. That way you can learn if the item is even available, before you start discussing those important renting details. Always confirm whether you must dry clean the item before return and discuss whether you can try on the item or not. Bookings for items are usually non-refundable, so make sure you are certain you are wanting the item, before you proceed to payment. You aren't liable to a refund if the garment doesn't suit you or fit, unless you've agreed to one in advance. An item must be returned within one week after the date of the event, unless otherwise stated by the owner. After wearing your item, make sure to contact the owner to let them know you are now taking the appropriate steps to cleaning and returning the item. Many of our girls like to post items back to owners. That's fine, provided you have the owner's permission. Don't just send it without checking with them first. If they agree, always use an express service. We recommned AusPost Express Parcel Services. This way you can always send through a tracking number to the owner. This ensures fast delivery and secure arrival of the item. Failure to send through a tracking number means that should an item never arrive, you may be liable!



As an owner, you of course want to make sure that your items are in good hands, returned on time and returned in the same condition. In order to ensure this, we recommend the use of a bond with hire. A bond acts as a security deposit that a customer pays an owner, on top of the hire fee, on collection of the item. This bond is then held and returned to the customer, upon return of the item, provided it is returned by the date stated, in the same condition, and dry cleaned before return (should you ask for this). Should the item be returned late, or damaged, some or all of the bond may be withheld for comepnsation. Please refer to our terms and conditions for when you are eligible to withhold a bond. Should an item never be returned, again the bond can be used as compensation. However, we state that if an item is not returned, the customer is liable for compensating the owner for an amount totalling the RRP of the item, minus the hire fee and bond (if applicable). Rember though, it's a lot easier to refund than to seek compensation after the fact.

To ensure a customer is responsible with your item, we recommend that upon enquiry of the item, you let the customer know the date the item must be returned by, and whether it should be dry cleaned, hand washed, not cleaned etc. We also recommend you contact the owner the day after their event to confirm the return date. We advise you allow customer's at least 3 business days after their event for dry cleaning, should you desire the item to be dry cleaned before return.

Make sure you keep a diary, calender or list of your customer's names, contact information etc. in a secure place where it will not be lost. This can help you keep track of your rentals, ensure you do not double book customers, and ensure you always have the relevant details to contact an individual who is in possession of your item. We recommned also obtaining a copy of their driver's license and verifying their mobile number. 

We always recommned you ensure you have received payment prior to handing over a garment. A screenshot of a transfer is great, but it's not the same as money in the bank, and there is still a risk it's a fake receipt. Most banks offer Osko these days so transfer should be instant. Wait and check the funds have arrived before you let go of your garment.

Postage is another option you may consider offering. We recommend that you use AusPost prepaid express post satchel's for all your rentals. Express Post is next day guaranteed for most areas, ensuring your item's arrive in a timely fashion. Some areas our outside the Express Post network, so make sure you check the website first. We also recommend you include the return postage satchel in with the item when you ship it. That way you can prefill out the satchel, so you know the correct information (address) is written down, and also take note of the tracking number, to ensure your item is not only posted back, but can also be tracked should it go missing. If you are including a return satchel in with the item, you can of course ask the customer to compensate you for this cost. We cannot stress enough how important a tracking number is. If no tracking number is used, the parcel cannot be confirmed to have been sent or delievered, and cannot be tracked should something go wrong! Without a tracking number, the sender of the parcel is liable for it's loss. 

Of course, it is up to you how you conduct your rentals, and you can be as casual or strict as you like. But we do recommned you undertake the above. As a platform that connects buyers to sellers, our lack of involvement in the actual transaction means we can't protect you as well as you can protect yourselves. 99% of the time renting is easy breasy, but the 1% of evil in the world still needs to be accounted for. Good luck babes! Xx