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Have an item of your own you want to start renting out? Wanting to justify spending so much on an item you are only going to wear once? Rent a Dress is the perfect place for you. We allow people from across Australia to rent out their own items through us, and make back some of that well spent cash. We charge a $12.95 non-refundable fee per item. This is an upload fee and is paid once regardless of how many times you rent out your item. The upload fee is inclusive of one listing which will remain active on our site for a period of six months. 

Items include dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, bags, fascinators, hats, shoes and accessories. Please note we count a two-piece set as one item. We also offer additional advertisement features for listings on our website.

Highlighted listings are "highlighted" on the browsing pages, ideal for owners wanting their item to be drawn attention to, and not missed by browsers. Featured items are listed under "Featured Items" on our home page. This section works on rotation, showing four listing's at a time, and changes each time an individual views our website, or refreshes the page. 

We don't charge commission and placing your item up for rent is as easy as can be, but make sure you read our terms & conditions first. They outline all the ways we advise you to protect yourself from lost or damaged items. This is very uncommon, but better safe than sorry! We also recommend you read our "How to Hire" section. This is a great way to ensure you have an easy, stress free and successful rental.