Interested in renting out your clothes?

Rent a Dress is a fully automated, Australia-wide rental platform that connects lenders with customers through a few simple clicks. A ‘vendor’ or ‘lender’ is anyone who lists their item up for rent on Rent a Dress. It is free to list your items with us.

Listed items will be available for customers to view and book via our website. You will be notified when your item is booked and will need to fulfil the rental by shipping the garment to the customer using Australia Post Express Post service. The customer will then ship the item back to you using the return satchel you have provided. It’s as easy as that!

All payments and rental transactions occur directly through Rent a Dress making it super easy for vendor’s to manage and track their rentals.

Upon return of the item, you will need to arrange for cleaning of the piece/s. Customers are not required to clean the item/s before return. This allows you to personally manage your preferred care of your garments and should allow for shorter turn around times between rentals.

To find out more, please head to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Just scroll down past the Customers section to view Lenders information.


How do I become a lender?

If you already have an account with us, please login and click on the ‘Become a Lender’ tab below. Complete the Vendor Application Form and click ‘apply to be a lender’.

If you have not yet registered an account with us, please click on the ‘Become a Lender’ tab below. Complete your details under the ‘Register’ area and check ‘Apply to become a lender?’. Then click register to create an account.


How much does it cost?

There is no fee to list your items with the new Rent a Dress. Instead, we charge a 15% service fee, which is calculated on the booking fee of the rental. Shipping fees are not subject to a service fee and will be transferred in full to you. This means there will be no out-of-pocket costs to you. If an item is listed but not rented, you won’t be charged any fees.

Join Rent a Dress and become a Lender